A community empowered and inspired to make a positive impact realizing the full potential of all its members

Community Giving

The Developmental Services Support Foundation (DSSF) is a resource that provides individuals with developmental disabilities and their families with assistance or emergency needs. The mission of the DSSF is to provide support to developmentally disabled individuals, their families and the organizations that serve them.


Annual DSSF Valentine Giving Campaign 2023 – From Our Hearts to Yours

Partnering with the Kern Regional Center (KRC), the Foundation annually distributes $10,000 to developmentally disabled individuals or their families.  Kern Regional Center Service Coordinators recommend families in difficult circumstances or immediate need to receive the donations.  Celia Pinal, KRC Director of Client Services, reviews the recommendations, and forwards them to the foundation. Funding is considered by the Foundation Board of Directors. A maximum of $500 per applicant may be awarded. To be eligible applicants must demonstrate a financial need. This year the Foundation will assist 20 individuals/families.

DSSF Giving in 2022 – Community Impact

  • The DSSF is pleased to announce the Foundation Board of Directors approved more than $20,000 in funding to developmentally disabled individuals, their families and the organizations who serve them in 2022.  Donations were awarded in the areas of training, general and emergency support.
  • Additionally, the Foundation Board committed $50,000 to the remodel of the KRC lobby to create a child friendly area for children and their families waiting for assessment and other appointments.

DSSF Giving in 2023 – Community Impact

  • Annual scholarships for developmentally challenged high school students who want to go to college, trade school, etc.
  • Annual fund to assist families with a new-born diagnosed with developmental challenges.
  • Annual art contest for KRC clients ages 8-16 years with small monetary gifts for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.
Enrique Roman, KRC Director of Community Services and Tomas Cubias, KRC Assistant Director of Service Access and Equity recently met to discuss 2024 DSSF Giving Strategy.

Results – 2023 DSSF Annual Programs – Infant/Family Support Program

  • 2023 Program – Infant and Family Support Program — Kristine Khuu presented the data on 2023 Infant/Family Support Program — providing KRC vendors developmental toys to distribute to KRC Early Start (ES) families in need.  The ES providers were able to support 102 children — 65 males and 37 female children received toys.
  • Ethnicities: Native American – 1; Black – 4; Asian – 25; Hispanic – 34 and White – 23. Ages 0-1 (28); 1-2 yrs (74). Vendors: Great Steps Ahead, DADD, Amigo Baby, California Spectrum Services and Terrio Kids Early Intervention. DADD-Family First used the funding a little differently by creating a toy lending program which afforded more children a variety of toys to play with and exchange out when they are done playing with their loaner toys.  KRC ES providers and families appreciated the support.
  • 2024 DSSF Program – Infant/Family Support Program The remaining 151 undistributed toys will be utilized in the 2024 program.
  • ******Expand awareness of KRC children’s services – In 2023 DSSF funded Coloring Books (250) to be distributed through KRC Outreach Services ($1,198.87). About 100 books were distributed with the remaining to be distributed in 2024.
  • 2023 DSSF Program – Express Yourself Art Competition – 1/24/24 KRC Community Services/Client Services and Executive admin took responsibility for the program. KRC is planning for Art Competition “Happiness” to take place in June 2024. The timeline of activities begins in April and carries through to the end of the competition when the winner will be announced on June 28, 2024. Approved $1,000 for art competition winners – one winner in each of the 5 grade levels/$100 each and $500 for Best of Show.
  • 2023 DSSF SOAR Scholarship Program – Five KRC clients attending Bakersfield College were awarded $500 scholarships.
  • 2024 DSSF Annual SOAR Scholarship Program – KRC will track data and success of the students to determine if DSSF offers 2024 scholarships for continuing education to the participating individuals.

Developmental Services Support Foundation Vision Statement

A community empowered and inspired to make a positive impact realizing the full potential of all its members

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