DSSF and CSUB Service Learning and Internship Program

2024 Developmental Services Support Foundation (DSSF) and CSUB Service Learning and Internship Program

The foundation moved into larger office spaces in July 2023 with the idea of community interaction growing.  The idea of an internship program with CSUB led to finding a new location with an additional office space the interns could utilize.

It was determined there are several DSSF projects and KRC departments that could benefit from internship assistance:

  1. Identify DSSF in-house projects to support the foundation – A list of community agencies serving the developmentally disabled and what they provide; grant research and development
  2. KRC Outreach Services Access and Equity Unit support
  3. Video – Housing Resources – KRC to develop a relationships/video with area landlords about available housing for KRC clients;
  4. Video – KRC to develop videos about KRC Services and how to access them;
  5. Training – Supportive Living Services/SLS Task Force;
  6. Develop business infrastructure: a small Mixteco organization in East Bakersfield (group is indigenous to Mexico) needs business strategies to competently complete grant reports.
  7. Develop Bakersfield College program with the deaf and hard of hearing.
  8. Intake and Assessment – KRC, along with regional centers throughout California, has a backlog of assessments due to a shortage of clinicians to assess potential KRC clients. Explore developing an internship program with the Psychology department; Henrietta Weil Institute; Kern Medical Center; Kern County Mental Health
  9. Potential to develop a partnership (BC/Taft students) with DDS Workforce Initiative – Apple


Benefits/Opportunities for Interns

  • Enhanced Career journey
  • Networking
  • Leverage education with developed skill set
  • Develop Job Skills
  • Opportunity to make a difference
  • Community Engagement
  • Exposure to KRC clients’ needs and access
  • Potential Stipend
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